Adonis O'Holi


Sizzlings sensation from Sierra Leone, Africa by way of London, England is Adonis Michael O’Holi.  Adonis O’Holi, is not a stage name but his birth name. He is a gifted writer, talented actor and model. Adonis states that he is both very focused and creative, and that he believes in his capabilities in being able to accomplish anything that he want to, and all with a smile upon my face. “As a youngster I went to Sylvia Young’ stage school, I am also a talented football player and boxer.”  Adonis was crowned Mister Africa 2012 and went on to produce his own calendar for the year 2014.  He also has a 2014 calendar as well.
photography by
Roberto Aguilar
Ben Cook
René Connage Durant
Panikos Hajistilly
Simon Harris
Kraizie Kat
Black Milk
Adonis O’Holi
Tony Preece
John Stoddard
Frank Strachan
Oliver Warren 

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