Mike Warren


It is with great sadness and thoughts that I share the news of the passing of a black LBGT writer Mike Warren. Mike’s genre consist mainly of African American Fiction and Gay Fiction. Mike has been writing professionally for over 12 years. He has a Bachelor Degree in Telecommunication from Morgan State University and a Masters Degree in Communications from Towson State. Mike has mention in interviews that he was fortunate to be in a dedicated relationship and a proud father (5 grown children) and lived in Baltimore, Maryland with his partner before his passing. Mike once stated when he began writing his first book, “A Private Affair” the only writer he knew was a young black author by the name of Shelton Jackson, that passed away in 2009, but was the one who gave Mike the incentive to write a novel.
Mr. Warren then left his publishing company, Life Changing Books and branched out on his own and formed his own publishing company titled, Mike Warren Publishing. He then published his first self published book titled, “Timing Is Everything” published in May 2014. His next self published book, “The Cool In You” was published October 2, 2014. His next book, “Love All Of Me” which is the finale for the “A Private Affair” series was published November 29, 2014. As a result of his hard work, great writing skills and stories, Mr. Warren was nominated and became one of the Kings Of Literature for 2015. He continues to write great stories and have several new books coming out this year. Many of Mike’s book can be purchased and read online through Amazon and other online book retailers. Gone, but never forgotten!

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