I’m Troy Moreno. You may recall me from such videos in Machofucker, Maskurbate, Desperate Householes 2, and Break-in Motel or, more vulgarly via Internet pirates and tube sites, “BBC”, “Negro”, “black stud”, “black thug”, “preto”, “negão” and other anonymous, two-bit racial hang-ups. I don’t do porn but, like you, I watch it and I’ve noticed a very peculiar thing: like pop hits – at least the Top 40 – porn has gotten motherfucking redundant right down to the faces. Correction: especially down to the faces!
            It used to be there were styles . . . nuances that set studios apart, appealing to differences that make up the world around us. Then again, it used to be a lot of things. With so few – or diminishing – differences in our worlds (because we increasingly live in self-affirming cyber pockets) one can argue entertainment is a natural casualty. After all, if television executives can’t, or won’t, do much better than silly reality shows ad nauseam, then why expect more from pornographers? To put it in context, a funny thing happened to me not too long ago. While visiting a particular porn site I, momentarily, thought I had entered the wrong address. It’s gotten so that I can’t discern a real distinction between and — apart from the camera work and logos. (But, hey, if that is as good as it gets, then it ain’t saying much.)

            Compare the archives and there are the same guys fucking the same guys in the same way. Is it one studio or two? It’s hard to say. And it is not a question of another new face in the overly rapidly produced updates (because you know as well as I do that he’s bound to get overexposed in two months’ time) but, rather, putting out real differences altogether. For starters, an actual cast of porn stars instead of the frequently scooped up Grindr fuck-me-and-forget-me-nots would be good. Those star performers, in turn, require a story to show off their star quality. Otherwise the models appear as adrift and unremarkable as Howard Hughes’ aerial fight sequences in Hell’s Angels before he added the backdrop of clouds and mountains to reinforce the action. But, hey, what is a storyline, to say nothing of plot and characters, when the scene is projected in HD and 4K and every other technical clarity to impress? Besides, dude has a big dick! And…so…? He’s supposed to be lugging a big dick: he’s in porn. Porn is full of big dicks and tempting asses. And, anyway, every anonymous pervert with a camera and Internet access posts pictures of his thing. But where are his other star qualities – selling points – besides the donkey appendage —- and hailing from Latin America (but that’s another article altogether)?
            For instance, does he dance? Does he ride a motorbike or play an instrument? Can he act or do impressions or gymnastics? Does he cum multiple times? Can he do push-ups with that dick or fold laundry with his ass? Hell, to look at the recurring models on the two websites mentioned I have to wonder does he even eat — or is homeboy holding out for brittle skinny to come in style??
            From tops to bottoms, Timtales and Fuckermate share more than just a post code. Same models with same demographics doing the same wham-bam-thank you ma’am playbook. Porn is the new Sunday mass: so predictable you can set your watch to it. One knows what to expect and when to expect it. I get more surprises from watching Scooby-Doo re-runs.
            Maybe the sticking point has to do with who is cast (and, specifically, the policy of redundant casting!). Maybe the rushed format of weekly video updates is, well, saturating. The dearth of any real, relatable fantasies is an obvious culprit - boy meets boy is more…interesting than porn star meets porn star —- again - and maybe, too, porn studios suffer from their own rigid typecasting. Alas, some finger-wagging has to be directed at the directors, themselves, since the production value, per se, of the weekly updates is none too lacking. Their videos are, indeed, glossy, well-lighted and crisp. They’re just, unfortunately, glossy, well-lighted and crisp of more of the same.
            It’s not that I’m jaded. I’m simply looking to be entertained. Surely the talent pool of gay ass multicultural Barcelona extends deeper than three nationalities and ten to twelve faces.

The author worked in the adult industry for ten years. He
pulled out after wages stopped being enough to cover rent and became more about
social media followers instead of hard currency.
  He can still be actively engaged at

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Andre Donovan – Lucas Entertainment Press Release
New York, NY (November 2017) — Lucas Entertainment is pleased to introduce Andre Donovan, who has recently signed on with the studio as an exclusive model.
Andre is a hot-as-hell black man who turned all heads when he walked on set for the first time. He takes physical fitness very seriously, and the results of his strict workout regimen show. When Andre strips down to show off his tall muscular body and big cock, all eyes are on him immediately. It’s this attraction to exhibitionism that attracted him to filming adult content. “I’ve always thought porn was really sexy and hot. Being a part of someone’s fantasy is intriguing to me. But also being naked in front of a camera for everyone to see is very empowering. There’s strength in vulnerability,” Andre says.

Andre Donovan is originally from Columbus, Georgia, and he currently lives in New York City. His close proximity to Lucas Entertainment made applying an easy decision. And he wasn’t looking to be an exclusive at the beginning, either. “I do porn mainly because it’s fun and sexy and I find freedom in the art of adult film. I had such an amazing time filming with Lucas Entertainment — with all the crew and my scene partner — that I wanted to film even more scenes with the studio specifically. It just made sense to sign. I was made an offer at the end of my first day on set. I signed the following evening.”
Andre is attracted to guys who take fitness seriously; so working with the other Lucas Men is something he is looking forward to. But it’s the whole experience of being an exclusive model with Lucas Entertainment that Andre is most excited about, especially traveling to exotic locations. In particular, Andre wants to film outside. “I’ve always wanted to film a scene outside on some beautiful location near a waterfall or something.”

Andre Donovan’s first scene debuts on 06 November 2017; the scene features him topping Ty Mitchell bareback. The scene will later appear in the movie “Gentlemen 21: Top Management,” set for a DVD and Digital Download release in January 2018.

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