Bennett and Timmy RAW


Very rarely do I re-match models, but when Bennett and Timmy did their Serviced video, I heard loud and clear that the two needed to fuck. All the guys have various ways they get hard. Some guys need to watch porn, some close their eyes and go to a hot memory, while others rely on their scene partner. Timmy is a great Bottom, but he is a Top at heart. So he will often run his cock along a dude’s hole to get himself fully hard. I usually cut this part out, but it has happened with Timmy a couple times where I didn’t think I could make a graceful cut without keeping it in. So, I left this in during his oral only video with Bennett, and you all said I had missed an opportunity. Well, that’s what marathons are for! If you want to see Timmy splitting Bennett’s ass cheeks with his big ‘ole cock, here ya go! The chemistry is all still there, as these two were eager for a re-match! No Spoiler here, but of course the cum shots are impressive! Timmy unloads into Bennett which makes Bennett shoot his load all the way up to his forehead! Definitely worth the wait!

Categories bareback, interracial

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