Bennett and Timmy Serviced


When Bennett described his ideal sex partner during his solo, he pretty much described Timmy, and I realized how lucky I got to have paired them together. I had also mapped out all the shoots, and sent a list of new guys that Timmy wanted to work with, and Bennett was his first choice. So initially I knew Timmy would be down to play with Bennett, but once Bennett describes “big-dicked twinks” as his type, I knew this would be a hot pairing. Indeed! It is a hot pairing! The kissing is incredibly hot, and they both are trying to please the other guy. You catch at the beginning how awkward they start off, but once they realize they are both good kissers, it consumes a lot of the foreplay. Bennett is all Bottom and loves to service a cock. Timmy sits back with his huge cock, while Bennett slowly works his shaft down his throat. After fingering Bennett’s hole while getting blown, Timmy really wanted to eat his as out. He buries his face in his ass, relishing every minute of licking his perfect hole. Timmy couldn’t help but grind his cock along his slicked-up hole, mainly trying to turn Bennett on even more. Arggh! Just a hint what his cock would look like nailing Bennett’s perfect ass. After grinding is cock against his hole, Timmy flips Bennett onto his back and treated his buddy to some expert oral service. You can tell poor Bennett’s neck was getting tired, so Timmy grabs the back of his head, shoving his cock further down his throat. He then spins around and sits on Bennett’s face who gives him an amazing rim job. Timmy sucks and jerks Bennett’s cock while get his hole serviced.
At the end, Timmy has Bennett lay his head over the bead, and really power fucks his face. Balls flying everywhere! That got him close enough to cumming, so he jerks a hot load into Bennett’s mouth. One stripe of cum hits his eye on the opposite side of the cameras, and you may only spot when Bennett gets up on his knees to nut on Timmy’s face. Despite most of his load going right into Bennett’s mouth, Timmy somehow managed to shoot his cum on his right cheekbone, but also winging his eye. Bennett quickly jerks his cock to overdrive and it is literally one of the most massive facials we have had on the site! MASSIVE! Timmy tries to keep his eyes closed, sucking out the last bit of cock, but of course it is seeping in. We quickly cut to takes a few pictures, and I threw a towel to poor Timmy now blinded in both eyes. Anyway, this is a tremendously good oral video with two dudes who really are into each other. It a Must Have for your collection if you relish BJ videos!
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