Carter Sloan


My guess is a lot people tell Carter he looks like Prince. I avoided saying that to Carter, fearing to sound like everyone else. Unlike the Purple one, he stands a tall 6’1”. Carter has a fit body, and a whopper of a cock. His dick is an amazingly thick 9-inches. It has its own gravitational pull! With his cock, a couple straight studios have flown him across the country to do a few videos, but the pay is not great. He has done a lot of photo modeling, and has his own photography career, which he does to support his growing family. I suspect he likes being behind the camera instead of in front of, but with his cock, he knows where he can make some immediate money. For his solo, he seems a little quiet and unsure, but his cock is very hard and he nuts easily. I think with another partner he may be more verbal, but we will have to see. As of writing this, he says he is down to try topping eventually. So, we might have to wait a bit to see that cock wedged in a guy’s ass. But I think I can get a dude’s lips around his cock and it will be fun to see who can swallow it!
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