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  • Last Saturday, Yusaf Mack, an openly gay former boxer, paid a visit at LA Clippers barbershop in Philadelphia to confront a man who had been harassing him online because of his sexuality. Apparently, Mack had enough of being harassed and decided to find the guy and deal with the problem face to face. The man in question was at the barbershop and had his head in the sink when Mack found him and began the attack. Despite the beatdown, the man remains virulently homophobic, writing on social media after the incident, “I rather have a video of someone beating me up then a video of someone seeing me take a dick up my ass any day.” “Me and him gonna fight again,” the man added. As for Mack, he’s completely down for another fight and totally unapologetic about the beating he handed the man the first go-round. Mack made headlines in 2015 after he appeared in a gay porn. After initially saying he was drugged and didn’t remember filming the porn, he later confessed and came out as gay. Is it possible that this guy made a sexual offer of play to Mack and was turned down? Hmmm, if you find out before we do, let Black Gay Porn Zone blog know.

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