Dirty Talkin' Pedro


Scruffy and swarthy, Pedro’s confident sneer steers the Latin top dangerously close to the dreaded “resting bitch face”. But he’s no bad guy, just a tough fucker who likes nothing more than ramming into a tight hole and whispering hot dirty sweet nothings into his mullet-haired bottom buddy Cale’s ear. About the only time Pedro stops with the constant sexy mumbles is when his mouth is busy sucking Cale’s twitching ass. They kiss and rub their tight smooth bodies together to start, then Pedro gives Cale a few friendly smacks to get him slurping the top’s big brown cock. Oral’s just the warmup for a long session of raw fucking. Once Pedro plows his cock into Cale’s hungry hole, he REALLY doesn’t want to leave. The first round of bareback ass-reaming is deep and a little rough, from the sound of Cale’s loud groans. His jaw drops open and he lets out a wail that must translate to “Oww, fuck me harder!” [ . . . ] sperm bath that coats Cale’s tingling butthole before Pedro drills back in to keep breeding. The two horny Latinos keep on pounding dick into ass as though they’re ready for another cum blast any second, and maintain that fuck intensity for the world’s longest, toughest afterglow. Pedro finally lets his weight sink down onto Cale as they kiss and cuddle, his still-hard cock inside and pressing against Cale’s magic p-spot.

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