Donnell (Donny Savage) Blaylock Jr


Donnell Delvon Blaylock Jr. (aka Donny Savage), a Michigan real-estate agent who aspired to and became a model. His self-introducing video into modeling, titled “Chocolate” went viral and has made him a name and face around the world for upcoming modeling campaigns.  In his new video, Blaylock puts together a salad: complete with tomatoes, lettuce and salad dressing. Then eats it just as he did the chocolate in the first video. This video is entitled “The Salad Chef.” His last video has amassed over 3 million views, so who knows how far this one will reach. He is obviously appealing to his fan base, women, but trying to use his powers for good by encouraging women everywhere to eat healthier. His salad being a good start. Blaylock stated on his LinkedIn profile, “my responsibilities are to basically keep my body’s physique presentable as far as being ready to shoot, eating the right foods to keep my body healthy and lean, study successful models who have a look similar to mine, continue to have practice shoots to become a better model and lastly just to stay focused on my goal to become signed with an agency.” He is now signed to Bienaime Agency. Donnell is a native of Grand Rapids and attended Grand Rapids Community College and Grand Valley State University.
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