Jeffrey Lloyd and Jason Smith


After massaging others, hunky masseurs Jeffrey Lloyd and Jason Smith sometimes need a massage of their own. Good thing they like to trade! This time, it’s Jason’s turn and the handsome hunk with chiseled features soon ends up face down on Jeffrey’s sofa while Jeffrey climbs on top and gets his hands all slipper with oil. Jeffrey starts kneading Jason’s neck and shoulders, moving down his back to Jason’s glutes. Jeffrey massages the perfect, hairy globes then pulls off Jason’s shorts. The trouble with massaging such a sexy young man, however, is that you’re soon hot and bothered. Jeffrey grabs hold of Jason’s enormous monster cock and starts milking his shaft as if Jason were a man-cow. The thick, beautiful slab gets hard as Jeffrey pulls on it, then starts sucking. With the massage now all but forgotten, we get in nice and close as cock hungry, pretty boy Jeffrey makes a meal of Jason’s monster tool beef or climbing on board and fucking himself with the massive cock, taking every inch. After a while, Jeffrey gets on all fours and gives his ass up to Jason, who fucks Jeffrey bareback like the hung bull-stud that he is. Jason isn’t just a pretty face with a big cock. This guy knows how to FUCK! Jeffrey blows a load all over his own belly, followed by Jason who blasts his seeds all over Jeffrey’s balls in sweet release.

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