Straight: Adonis Bait: Jay Alexander


Hot and horny Jay Alexander is back at the studio and he’s in search of straight dick! Jay has been here a few times and he just keeps coming back for more. He loves the thrill of hooking up with a straight man and if he has a big dick then it’s even better! Jay is very hung himself so finding someone that’s a match or bigger is a real challenge. This week’s straight guy is Adonis. It’s a fitting name for this big, bold, and ripped stud! Adonis is tall, sculpted, and he has an 11 inch uncut cock! Adonis loves to fuck and he says he’s had a 3-way before but never with a guy. However, he also said that it’s on his bucket list to do! Caruso has both guys strip down and get hard. Jay couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off Adonis and his gigantic cock! Caruso didn’t want to keep Jay waiting so he pretended to go check on the female talent only to return with the terrible news that the girl won’t be coming in today. But, if both guys want to get paid then Caruso will pay double the money. Adonis struggled a little with the thoughts of being considered gay but after thinking it over, he decided to give it a shot!

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