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Troy Moreno states he is far from being ‘a dull boy’.  Troy (aka Troy Epson) is a Pisces born February 27, 1979, has entertained as a stripper for several years now and in several big cities and small towns around the world along with a successful career in the adult film industry.  A non-typical pornstar that blogs and enjoys writing.  He has published three books under the nom de plume Scholar Spartan.  His first was during his senior year in college followed some ten years later by “The Autobiography of an American Nigger in San Juan,” which took him nine years to complete.  His latest “A Traveller Other,” a travel book, was published in January 2013.  Troy says it is a collection of my personal experiences black-packing around the globe. The thin book shares my true, true, true tales of being stranded in the Valley (Los Angeles), robbed in Prague, rejected at border crossings, homeless in Central Park, stalked in Berlin, conned in Istanbul, landing on my feet in Toronto, living in Mexico, dancing in Chinatown, rewarded in London, and eating and drinking here, there and everywhere in between.
So, who is this sexy man that stands at 5’6, average weight of 150lbs. Contrary to popular disbelief, he says he is 100% American. Troy has completed over a dozen movies in the industry and is finally taking concrete steps toward launching my own productions, because he  feels the porn industry, including the gay sector, is a very bigoted labyrinth, he enjoys doing porn, and he’s not getting any younger. He has begun castings and video shoots, and hopes to have enough content to have the website up and running soon. Apart from the novel he’s working on currently, he feel that none of his writings – short stories, plays, poems, blog posts has any thing to do with his porn career but they are a truer reflection of who he is. Troy’s books can be purchased in electronic versions and are available via and Amazon Kindle.
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